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2014-03-17 Added a Google+ page for plexode.
2013-10-26 Now the Vorp editor is integrated into the game, and there's sharing by URL.
2013-06-02 Vorp has three new levels, with zombies and turrets!
2013-03-18 Now eval3 is using a new URL compressor, plex.squisher, that is always on. All old URLs should still work. But the new ones should survive linkification better, because they only use URL-friendly base64 characters. So they're more likely to work if you paste them into Gmail, or forum markdown.

Here's a sample URL that animates wiggly tree tentacles on a canvas: cthulhu.

The new compressor turns the form fields into a JSON string, percent-encodes all but the most vanilla characters, does static-dictionary substitution to make some common strings shorter (like "document" and "function"), then uses Lempel-Ziv to compress repeated strings, and finally encodes everything in linkifier-friendly base64.

Aaaand in Vorp, it should be easier to make small movements with the little pink square that is you - better for lining up throws, or getting onto a beam sensor. And level 2 got a little overhaul.

2013-02-13 I've been working on Vorp!
Now there are ten lesson levels, and a couple new challenging levels.
2012-06-19 [OBSOLETE] URL compression! Plexode pages that store state in the URL, like eval3, now have a URL shortener button in the top right corner, that calculates a compressed URL. A compressed URL contains all the information that was in the original. URLs aren't stored in a database.
The algorithm:
  1. Given a string to compress, find the repeated substrings and their frequencies.
  2. Select the one with the biggest length*frequency, to 'squish' by substituting a smaller, unused string for the larger one.
  3. Create an 'unsquish' command string to reverse the squish step.
  4. If the substitution would shorten the string more than the command would lengthen it,
    then the new string = the unsquish command + the old string with the substitution made.
    Otherwise quit.
  5. Goto step 1.
2011-06-27 Upgraded Vorp graphics and handling a bit.
Now plexode's source is on github, at
2011-01-23 Added a new game, Vorp, to the nav bar.
2010-06-26 Refactored the whole site!
For example, now you can go to instead of
All old-style URLs should get redirected to the new URLs. eval2 and eval3 URL hash fragments are preserved, even on IE.

I also got rid of some cruft, and added some stuff.

2009-02-22 Insta-html and eval have a beautiful baby and it is eval3. It is full of wonders. Here is a snake I made with it: A snake.
2008-03-02 Now eval2 saves and loads content using the href fragment, so you can save a JS program as a bookmark, or send one to a friend.
See Super Fun Time Example URL.
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